10 Series

Brook Crompton

10 Series -

Electric Motors


Series Series 10 Voltages Standard: 220/380 (3KW and Below)
380/660 (4KW and Above
Optional: 200-690V line and inverter operation
Frame size 56 – 450 Frame construction Cast iron (Standard), Aluminium
Power output 0,09 – 900kW Degree of protection IP55 (Standard), IP56, IP65
Mounting arrangements B3, B5, B35, B14, V1, V3 Temperature class Standard: 155 (F) according to 130 (B)
Optional: 180 (H) according to 155 (F)
Efficiency class IE2 (Standard) , IE3 Cooling method IC411
Number of poles 2, 4, 6, 8 Thermal Protection 71-450 – Thermistors


A high quality industrial standard range of electric motors with a Brook Crompton specification suitable for most industrial applications.
The aluminium motors have outputs from 0.09kW to 18.5kW in frame sizes B-DA56 to
The cast iron range of motors have outputs from 0.09kW to 900kW in frame sizes B-DF71M to BU-DF450, in either 2,4,6 or 8 pole speeds


  • Full output range to meet your requirements
  • Effciencies are within the IE1 & IE2 bands(where applicable)
  • Robust contruction for long life
  • Mountings foot, flange, face or combination
  • Intergrated feet cast iron – 71 to 450 frame
  • Euro voltage up to 30kW 230/640V, 4kWand above 400/690V
  • Dual Frequency (50 / 60Hz)
  • IP55
  • Metal fan cover
  • Multi-mount alumunium range
  • Metric entries
  • Thermal Protection fltered as standard
  • Inverter duty


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